Lemonnier Metro Station

Lemonnier Metro Station | Brussels, Belgium

In 2008, Belgian authorities set out to renovate the tram and subway station in the highly multicultural neighborhood Lemonnier in the City of Brussels. They approached Hamsi Boubeker to create a piece of art that portrayed the culture of the community. “Hands of Hope”, based largely on decorative motif characteristics of the Kabyle culture, consists of handprints collected from a diverse group of people and symbolizes henna markings that would be worn during cultural celebrations or festivals. Each hand is unique; from the intricate drawings to the hand silhouette. Boubeker sketched the artwork with ink and paper and transferred the prints to Polyvision who used its semi-automatic flat table screen printing process to produce a durable artisanal product on CeramicSteel.


Jansen Finishings

Completion date:



Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles - Capitale

Product Used:

Finished Edge 1


A.E.D Regional Transportation Company


1100 m2


Hamsi Boubeker


9016 RAL

Print Type:

Screen print

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