EXPO Station – Downtown Line 3

EXPO Station – Downtown Line 3 | Changi Business Park, Singapore

The EXPO Station was chosen in a group of six metro stations included in the “Art in Transit” (AIT) program hosted by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA). With its goal of renovating each station to reflect the culture of their surrounding area, the program spurred the creation of six, unique designs with various colors, patterns and sizes by local artists.
One of the latest project installations in the AIT program, the EXPO Station was revitalized with a background of CeramicSteel, transforming the atmosphere with modern design and functionality. Covering 2,495 m2 of the station, the digitally-printed blue CeramicSteel panels beautifully allows the layering design of silver artwork and 3-D spheres to shine through as the focal point.


CeramicSteel Alliance


Land Transport Authority

Main Contractor:

Samsung C&T


Greenhilli Architects

Architectural Contractor:

Top Pave Pte Ltd.

Completion Date:

December 2016

Print Type:

Digital 1

Area of Panels:

2,495 m2

Product Used:

Standard 2-12

Project Pictures

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