Den Haag Central Metro Station

Den Haag Centraal Metro Station | The Hague, Netherlands

Den Haag Centraal Metro Station, one of the larger metro stations in the Netherlands, was in need of an expansion to accommodate more space for passengers. The modern design came from Zwarts & Jansma Architects BV, an architectural firm in Amsterdam. The contractor, BAM Infra, commissioned Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV for all of the steel elements in this station. Since the metro station is a central hub for all means of transportation-trains, metro, streetcars, taxis and buses, it was crucial that the new infrastructure have material that was durable against varying conditions and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, 510 m² of a³ CeramicSteel material was used to transform the third floor level into a stunning metro station, serving as a unique connection point between the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.




Zwarts & Jansma Architects BV- Amsterdam

Product Used:

Standard 1-13

Completion Date:

August 2016


Jos van den Bersselaar Construction BV


510 m2

Project Pictures

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