Demey Metro
People in Motion

Demey Metro Station | Brussels, Belgium

Back in 2012, Michel Dusariez, a skilled photographer from Belgium, was tasked with creating artwork for not one, but two 40-meter-long corridors leading to an underground metro station.

He came up with a vibrant series of photographs known as “People in Motion.” This stunning collection of images showcases individuals adorned in bright, colorful attire, dancing, walking, and even playing musical instruments.

Dusariez’s panoptic technique was put to good use as he brilliantly captured the essence of movement through his photography. To bring his vision to life, the photographic artwork was printed on porcelain enameled steel (CeramicSteel) by Polyvision and then installed by the expert team at Uittenbosch Ceramic Metals.

The winding hallways decorated with Dusariez’s stunning artwork offer pedestrians a truly unique and rewarding experience as they journey through the station.


Jean-Marc Ricour, Architecte gérant


Michel Dusariez

Completion Date:

November 2015


Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles - Capitale


600 m2

Project Pictures

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