Demey Metro Station

Demey Metro Station | Brussels, Belgium

In 2012, Michel Dusariez, a photographer from Belgium, was tasked with creating artwork for two 40 meter long corridors leading to the underground station. The result is a series of dynamic photographs entitled “People in Motion” that consists of people in brightly colored clothing, dancing, walking and playing musical instruments. Dusariez was able to capture movement through photography using his own panoptic technique. The photographic artwork was reproduced on a3 CeramicSteel by Polyvision, and installed by the company’s partner, Uittenbosch Ceramic Metals. The winding hallways and artwork offer a unique feel for pedestrians as they travel throughout the station, making the journey more rewarding.


Uittenbosch Ceramic Metals BV


Jean-Marc Ricour, Architecte gérant

Print Type:

Screen print


Michel Dusariez

Product Used:

Finished Edge 1

Completion Date:

November 2015


Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles - Capitale


600 m2

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