De Brouckère Metro | Brussels


Named after the city square above ground, De Brouckère Metro is a Brussels Rapid Transit Station comprising both a metro and tramway station. Connecting these two stations is a 103-meter-long moving walkway designed by Jan Vanriet.

The artwork “The city moves in the Palm of my hand” is a contemporary piece that merges several themes, incorporating the liveliness of the colorful city that lives above the metro station and the story of the city’s historical past. An elaboration of photographs copied and displayed on a wall composition of his linocut artworks on Polyvision’s enameled steel panels

The idea for this work of art came from a poem by Benno Barnard and from a song by Jacques Brel, which sings Brussels and Place De Brouckère to life. He uses the walls as a substrate for a pictorial story by analogy with old tapestries in which all sorts of themes merge: the first step on the moon, the De Brouckère Square, and terrace seats.

Jan Vanriet

Born in 1948, Belgium and well known for his paintings, drawings, and public artworks, which often explore themes of memory, identity, and the human experience. Vanriet began his artistic career in the 1970s and quickly gained a reputation for his bold, expressive use of color and his ability to create aesthetically striking and emotionally resonant works.

His work often incorporates elements of abstraction and figuration, creating a sense of visual complexity and depth.


Jansen Finishing NV

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Jan Vanriet


240 m2

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Screen print

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