Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle | Paris, France

To boost passengers’ experience on Paris’ bustling metro station under Avenue des Champs-Elysées, the RATP, the Parisian transportation authority, selected CeramicSteel as the foundation for its new project. With 28 panels spanning across 172 square meters of the metro station, millions of passengers enter a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, featuring an original mural created by British artist, Neil Wood. Resembling the city’s own dynamic and vivid culture, Wood’s masterpiece came to life on the CeramicSteel through the superior digital printer located in Genk, Belgium. Euro-Shelter, Polyvision’s partner in France, fabricated the Flexible panel CeramicSteel material to a curved honeycomb panel. Simply because of the product’s durability, resiliency, and overall aesthetic, the RATP will continue to captivate and inspire its audience for many years to come.




RATP, the Parisian transportation authority


Capaldi Métal


Neil Wood

Print Type:

Digital Print

Completion Date:

April 2017

Product Used:

Sheet 1


172 m2 | 28 panels

Project Pictures

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