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Our collaborative worktools are sold exclusively through our parent company, Steelcase. To order, find a dealer via the Steelcase dealer network, or contact one of the Designtex sales representatives for order placement, customized solutions, specialized services like imaging, space planning and design, delivery and installation.

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David Siegel
Director, Surface Imaging

202 886 8289 (office)
646 592 3604 (cell)

Surface Imaging + Graphics
Collaborative Products
New York
Steve Batdorf
Sales Representative
616 780 0358
Collaborative Products Midwest
Kimberly Benston
Sales Representative
323 203 5121
Collaborative Products West Coast
Bonnie Carpenter
Sales Representative
303 906 5379
Collaborative Products Mountain
Shawntell Danby
Sales Representative
615 804 8002
Collaborative Products Central
Perry Dougherty
Sales Representative
412 860 9636
Collaborative Products Mid Atlantic
Dennis Guidera
Sales Representative
732 939 0438
Collaborative Products New York + New Jersey
Diana Leach
Sales Representative
817 637 1902
Collaborative Products South Central
Steve Slifka
Sales Representative
843 231 2775
Collaborative Products Southeast
Jane Walsh
Sales Representative
781 557 7333
Collaborative Products New England + Eastern Canada