Panel Color Options

With different enamel formulations, various colors of CeramicSteel can be produced. No matter the color, all CeramicSteel adheres to the same strict standards and is fired in the range of 700 – 900 ºC  (1292 – 1652 ºF), resulting in a beautiful, accurate color that will not scratch or fade over time. All a3 CeramicSteel Panels—Standard, Finished Edge,  and Flexible—are available in the following standard enamel colors.

Traffic White

Signal White


Light Ivory

Light Gray

Mouse Gray

Traffic Red

Sky Blue

Gentian Blue

Jet Black

Custom Enamel Colors

Custom enamel colors can be matched to a sample reference. The graphic below illustrates the approximate range of colors available. Highlighted colors (within dark gray border) represent the approximate ideal color range available for custom enamel. Not all colors within the complete color wheel are possible.

Range of Enamel Colors Available for PolyVision Steel Surfaces