• Four collaborative work desks in an office setting with a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system in the arctic white and honey pattern gloss colors on the wall.
  • Three people working together in an office setting using the a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system in the merle gloss color on the wall.
  • Two separate groups of people working together in the office conference rooms with the a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system in the article white, platinum pattern and blue gloss color on the wall.

Collaborate Anywhere

As the need for collaboration grows, teams need more functional spaces to work. Motif is a high-performance collaborative wall panel system that can be configured in countless ways to turn unused wall spaces into places where teams express and share ideas together. Three standard sizes allow for flexible compositions in a variety of locations, from traditional settings such as private offices and conference rooms, to more innovative placements in cafés, lounge areas and corridors.

  • Two men working together in the office setting with the a3 CeramicSteel Motif collaborative panels in black and white on the wall.

    Enhance Design

    Use Motif to express an organization’s culture or design style using combinations of five neutrals and five accent patterns — or your own custom images or colors. Classic neutral tones allow Motif to integrate quietly into any new or existing space while accent colors, with specially-designed grid patterns, were selected to add a degree of energy and stimulus to collaborative sessions — an ideal combination of design and function.

  • An individual office showcasing a desk, chair and brick wall with writing on the a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system in black and gold on the wall.

    Countless Configurations

    Motif panels provide an elegant, artful addition to any interior space. Arrange the three standard sizes to create countless compositions and artistic expressions. Use Motif to craft thoughtful negative space with positive colors and patterns or to explore themes of repetition, contrast, balance and symmetry. Position panels to flow one into the next or add bursts of color to accent a collaborative wall.

  • An informal office setting with lounge furniture facing a series of a3 CeramicSteel Motif wall panels in multiple colors on the wall.

    Durable + Sustainable

    Combining the finest qualities of porcelain and steel, Motif panels are made with PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel. The smooth glasslike surface is magnetic, highly legible and easy to clean. PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel is resistant to scratches, stains, fire and bacteria. Colors and imaging will never fade, providing lasting durability for every design. PolyVision a3 CeramicSteel is 99.9% recyclable.


  • Frameless
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Horizontally and vertically configurable
  • 0.24” spacing between panels
  • Concealed mounting
  • Easy to clean
  • Friction-free writing surface
  • Strong magnetic capability
  • Smooth, inert surface
  • Scratch, stain, bacteria, chemical and fire resistant

How to Buy:

Motif is available exclusively through our parent company, Steelcase.

Currently unavailable outside the U.S.

Included Trim/Hardware

  • Unique mounting system
  • Panel spacers


Technical Information

Product Dimensions Thickness Weight
Extra large rectangle panel 90.75″ x 45.25″
2306 mm x 1150 mm
0.16″ / 4 mm 46.78 lb / 21,22 kg
Large square panel 45.25” x 45.25”
1150 mm x 1150 mm
0.16″ / 4 mm 23.32 lbs / 10,58 kg
Small square panel 22.5” x 22.5”
572 mm x 572 mm
0.16″ / 4 mm 5.7 lbs / 2,62 kg

Hassle-free Installation

Motif wall panel systems are lightweight and easy to install with no visible mounting hardware. Templates, spacers and a unique mounting system make it nearly effortless to achieve the desired configuration. As needs evolve, panels can be reconfigured for another space or existing compositions can be refreshed with new panel colors.

  • A set of instructions for installing the a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system.
  • A woman hanging up the a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel system in the lagoon pattern gloss color.
  • A close up of three a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel systems in the lagoon pattern, arctic white and platinum solid gloss color.
  • A close up side view of two a3 CeramicSteel Motif panel systems in the lagoon patter and platinum solid gloss color.

Standard Colors

Arctic White



Platinum Solid

Sterling Dark

Standard Patterns*

Accent Prints Honey

Accent Prints Saffron

Accent Prints Lagoon

Accent Prints Wasabi

Accent Prints Platinum

*Patterns are available in 22.5” x 22.5” only

Surface Imaging + Customization

Use Motif to express your organization’s own creativity. In addition to the standard neutrals and accent colors, custom artwork, company logos and images can be printed on any small square and large square Motif panels. PolyVision’s state-of-the-art printing technology means colors and images will not fade over time, providing long-lasting inspiration and overall design appeal.