• Angled view of Plantin Metro Station wall graphic panels with train approaching in Antwerp, Belgium
  • CeramicSteel panels leading up a stairwell in Plantin Metro Station in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Up-close angled view of CeramicSteel wall graphics mural at Plantin Metro station in Antwerp, Belgium
  • CeramicSteel Owl wall graphic part of a larger wall panel mural in Plantin Metro Station in Antwerp, Belgium
  • CeramicSteel wall panels celebrating Christopher Plantin in Plantin Metro Station in Antwerp, Belgium

Plantin Metro Station | Antwerp, Belgium

In 2015, PolyVision worked with Enthoven Associates Design Consultants to refurbish the Plantin Metro station in Antwerp, Belgium. The artwork incorporates extracts from the famous printer and publisher, Christopher Plantin, who started his largest and longest lasting firm, Plantin Press, in Antwerp. The city recently acquired this property and transformed it into a museum honoring Plantin for his work and the impact he had on the city. Their goal was to use the metro station as an avenue to promote this new museum, enhance the aesthetics of the station and use material that is durable and easy to clean. The images and QR code that links to the museum website were printed on CeramicSteel using PolyVision’s state of the art digital printer.

Architect: Enthoven Associates Design Consultants & Yellow Window

Partner: Uittenbosch Ceramic Metals BV

Client: MIVB

Artist: Yellow Window

Completion date: March 2015

Type of Print: Digital Print

Product used: Standard Panel 1

Area: 400m2