A student writing on one of PolyVision’s chalkboard surfaces in an Indian classroom setting.

Investing in Future Leaders

Whether donating CeramicSteel writing surfaces to under-resourced schools or simply giving our time, Polyvision is devoted to motivating the next generation to become thought leaders of the future.

Transforming Classrooms | India

Polyvision’s partnership with Teach for India is an example of the company’s drive to cultivate the next generation of leaders. Beginning in 2015, Polyvision donated hundreds of CeramicSteel whiteboards and chalkboards to participating schools across seven cities in India and has continued its partnership with Teach for India year after year. Seeing first-hand the challenges caused by ineffective whiteboards and chalkboards, Polyvision sought to change the landscape of classrooms in the schools that needed its durable and long-lasting writing surfaces the most. With Polyvision’s contributions, the goal is to help reduce the educational disparities in India and improve the overall environment for teaching and learning to create the future leaders of tomorrow.

Two students smiling at each other in Indian classroom

A Clean Surface | Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Students and teachers at Oklahoma ACE High School were thrilled to have state-of-the-art whiteboards installed in their classrooms, giving them a clean slate for learning and creativity. The Okmulgee manufacturing facility donated whiteboards to be placed throughout classrooms and other learning spaces. Such simple additions can make a difference in a student’s learning and overall educational experience.

State-of-the-Art Additions | Amana Academy, Atlanta, GA

Polyvision values and supports school systems and students both locally and abroad. This dedication resulted in our partnership with local Atlanta charter school, Amana Academy to donate a variety of resources. Since 2005, the academy has achieved success in the classroom as it is the first kindergarten through eighth grade charter school in Fulton County. Through financial and in-kind donations from local and national companies and organizations, Amana Academy can provide a unique educational experience for its future leaders.

Several e3 CeramicSteel whiteboards and interactive boards have assumed their place in many classrooms throughout the school as well as office supplies. The new whiteboards and tools only complement the exceptional learning taking place at Amana Academy.

STEM Ahead | Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Through its educational partnership with Okmulgee ACE High School in 2016, the Okmulgee manufacturing facility has worked to redefine learning by exposing students to local career opportunities and providing mentoring to those still considering their options for the future. Each year since the inception of this partnership, students from the junior and senior classes at Okmulgee ACE High School have toured the expansive facility for an in-depth look into the world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Receiving high praises from students, faculty as well as the superintendent of the Okmulgee Public Schools, this experience gives local students the chance to witness the real-world applications of STEM.