Collaborative workspace with a teal tackboard and whiteboard mounted to the walls.
Mix & Match: Combining Surface Materials to Enhance a Space

06/07/2021 8:53 PM by PolyVision

Two surface materials can be better than one. See how pairing writing surfaces of different materials can make stylish, functional additions to a range of settings.

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Collaborative space with two lounge chairs and vertical frameless dry-erase boards
Make Your Hygienic Spaces More Comfortable

18/06/2020 8:55 PM by Kelli Fowler, Communications Specialist

As we look to the new ways we’ll have to plan for teams, experts are discovering how we can blend safe and hygienic space design with effective and comfortable decor, furniture, and layouts.

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ToolBar whiteboard accessory holder with magnetic eraser, magnetic marker holder, and dry-erase markers
Collaborative ToolBar: Accessory of the Year

22/08/2019 5:34 PM by PolyVision

As an accessory for writing boards, the design for Polyvision’s Collaborative ToolBar is completely unique in the market. We went to the Product Management and R+D team to find out more about how they developed the ToolBar.

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