Modern nurses station with privacy dividers for personal boundaries
Health on the Surface: The Key to Safer Spaces

03/11/2020 8:00 AM by Kelli Fowler

The ongoing pandemic has created the need for social distancing, face masks, and constant, thorough cleaning of highly touchable surfaces at all healthcare facilities.

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Hand using round whiteboard eraser to remove writing on writing board
Slow the Spread: Cleaning + Disinfecting

20/05/2020 7:21 PM by Polyvision

In a time with viruses like COVID-19, it’s just as important to disinfect surfaces to reduce the spread of infection.

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A white hospital atrium with people sitting on lounge sofas
Staying Healthy: Your Surface Environment

26/02/2020 10:02 PM by Kelli Fowler

In the thick of cold and flu season, it’s important to disinfect the surfaces you may not typically think of.

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Meeting area with a long white table and black high-back chairs in front of a wall-mounted frameless whiteboard
For the Love of Productivity

12/02/2020 9:41 PM by Kelli Fowler

Productivity may mean different things to different individuals, companies and industries, but it always hinges on the effective work of people to bring about a favorable result.

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Blue lounge sofas and maroon chairs around a side table with a whiteboard on the wall
How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

22/01/2020 9:26 PM by Kelli Fowler

Organizations aiming to instill a sense of stability and faith in their customers have integrated blue tones in their spaces with a variety of methods, but what if there was a functional way to incorporate it for daily use?

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Rail station walls of Arvada Ridge Commuter Rail Station are equipped with PolyVision’s CeramicSteel panels showing a variety of colors and shapes
Polyvision’s Top 5 Projects of the Decade

09/01/2020 2:27 PM by Kelli Fowler

As the beginning of a new year is ramping up, we’re looking back at our five favorite projects from the decade we left behind.

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Two patients sitting on green couch in doctor's office, being consulted by female doctor sitting at small desk
Supporting the Change Toward Better Healthcare

25/07/2019 2:20 PM by Kelli Fowler

Without worktools providing the opportunity for collaboration, healthcare providers and staff cannot communicate as effectively – in turn heightening stress and lending to burnout.

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Brightly lit space with large windows, two potted plants, and whiteboard panels joined together to create a writing surface
4 Fresh Space Design Trends

26/04/2019 1:40 PM by Kelli Fowler

Discover four key office design trends we’ve been seeing in the industry and what we’ve been up to lately in response to them.

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A vibrant mural printed on CeramicSteel at Singapore’s Tampines East & West Stations celebrates local culture by representing imagery, buildings, and people.
The Vast Versatility of CeramicSteel

22/01/2019 4:30 PM by Kelli Fowler

From interior design to exterior building cladding, from workplace collaboration to large-scale public art projects, CeramicSteel provides a material that lends itself to any environment.

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Hand erasing blue and black writing on a whiteboard
6 Tricks and Tips to Keep a Whiteboard Clean

14/11/2018 4:12 PM by Kelli Fowler

Follow these six tips and tricks to keep your board looking brand new or transform one that has seen better days back to its original shine.

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Travelers passing by the mural created by artist Neil Wood printed on Flexible CeramicSteel panels in the Charles de Gaulle Metro Station
Vitreous Enamel: Mycenæan Period Jewelry to First Period Chemistry

17/10/2018 3:28 PM by Kate Cathey, Senior Product Marketing Specialist

More durable than glass and just as beautiful, vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel, offers a non-porous, glass-like finish.

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Meeting areas with whiteboards on the walls
Understanding Your Options

29/08/2018 2:48 PM by Kelli Fowler

Glass vs CeramicSteel Markerboards

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Doctor sitting and talking with expecting parents about ultrasound images
How Hospital & Patient Whiteboards Enhance Communication in Healthcare

23/05/2018 1:55 PM by Kimberly Allen, Architectural Product Manager

Fifty — the number of employees you’re likely to encounter over a four-day hospital stay, according to the handbook Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses.”

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Angled view of murals on decorative wall cladding that display elements of the Kentucky landscape situated in corridors in the Lexington Shriners Hospital for Children
Creating Wall Murals Built to Last at Shriners Hospitals

02/08/2017 6:10 PM by Kelli Fowler

When children come through the doors of the new Shriners Hospitals for Children Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky, they might be on crutches or in a wheelchair. That’s because Shriners expertly treats more than 13,000 children and teenagers a year with neuromuscular conditions, something it’s done since its founding in 1926, when it opened to care for those suffering from polio. Lexington Shriners Medical Center, which relocated in April of 2017, is just one of 22 Shriners Hospitals in the world, with the goal of providing innovative pediatric care for children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord inuries, and cleft lip and palate, regardless of the families’ ability to pay.

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A boy taking notes from the book he is reading in the classroom in India
Polyvision Survey Reveals That 97% Teachers Believe Writing on Boards Is an Essential Tool to Increase Learning

06/05/2016 10:43 AM by Kelli Fowler

The leading CeramicSteel manufacturer conducted a pan India survey along with partners Whitemark and Teach for India to measure the impact on student learning depending on the quality of writing boards used.

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A group of children working with adults in a school setting in India to give them a better classroom to learn and work in while sitting on the floor
Polyvision Helps Children in India Write Their Future Better

08/11/2015 11:24 AM by Kelli Fowler

Polyvision kicks-off a unique campaign to eliminate education inequality in India in partnership with Teach for India and Whitemark Limited, the company’s national distributor in India.

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