Meeting client needs at “Books The Office” in Hasselt, Belgium

01/09/2022 6:29 PM by Polyvision

“Books The Office” is an office centre and co-working space in Hasselt, Belgium. It’s more than a nice place for people to meet and work; it’s a place of inspiration. Clients include young, highly innovative start-ups, communications experts, and locals who enjoy having meetings in a different environment to usual. “Books The Office” provides clients with lunch, internet, printers and projectors. One room has an interactive TV. And of course, they have whiteboards from Polyvision.

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Safe, Interactive Learning Environment for Special Needs School

04/08/2022 5:26 PM by Polyvision

At High Point School, part of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a major renovation provided the opportunity to reimagine learning for the school’s K-12 special needs students.

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Young man writing on whiteboard at Kadoorie Youth Development Center
CeramicSteel Supporting Students in Shanghai

13/05/2020 12:28 PM by Polyvision

Polyvision partnered with iDA Workplace and Steelcase to create a new learning space at the Sir Horace Kadoorie Youth Development Centre in Shanghai, China.

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Meeting area with a long white table and black high-back chairs in front of a wall-mounted frameless whiteboard
For the Love of Productivity

12/02/2020 9:41 PM by Kelli Fowler

Productivity may mean different things to different individuals, companies and industries, but it always hinges on the effective work of people to bring about a favorable result.

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Group of employees collaborating in an enclosed meeting space in the middle of an office with large windows
Design Challenges for Our Informal Workspaces in the Future

11/12/2019 3:41 PM by Catherine Purdie, Sr. Communications Specialist

Great spaces inspire people to do their best work with a 32% increase in productivity, when we get it right 

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Office collaborative space with tall collaborative table and chairs, and chalkboard mounted to wall
The Science Behind the Surface: Part 3

31/10/2019 2:45 PM by Kelli Fowler

While there are differences, there are just as many commonalities between the best features of CeramicSteel and glass.

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Three employees seated and standing in office collaborative space with magnetic blackboards on wall behind them
Better Connections through Collaboration

22/10/2019 2:36 PM by Kelli Fowler

As technology changes the way we create connections with our coworkers, it’s becoming more challenging to develop the necessary relationships for collaborative teamwork.

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Presenter at the front of a classroom gesturing at a whiteboard covered in formulas, while students take notes at their desks
The Science Behind the Surface: Part 2

25/09/2019 7:16 PM by Kelli Fowler

Material choice and scratch resistance can make all the difference in whiteboards – how does e3 CeramicSteel stack up?

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ToolBar whiteboard accessory holder with magnetic eraser, magnetic marker holder, and dry-erase markers
Collaborative ToolBar: Accessory of the Year

22/08/2019 5:34 PM by Polyvision

As an accessory for writing boards, the design for Polyvision’s Collaborative ToolBar is completely unique in the market. We went to the Product Management and R+D team to find out more about how they developed the ToolBar.

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Factory worker at machine pressing PolyVision CeramicSteel writing surface material
The Science Behind the Surface

14/08/2019 1:36 PM by Kelli Fowler

We share the science behind eight of the top tests on the surface you see used in our chalkboards, whiteboards, and panel systems in classrooms, offices and architectural installations worldwide. 

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Yellow mobile school chairs in groups with a full wall blackboard and whiteboard panel on the wall
Chalkboard vs. Whiteboard

16/04/2019 4:09 PM by Polyvision

Chalkboards and whiteboards can fill similar roles in the modern office, but the differences between the two can lead to many different uses and needs in any setting.

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Outside view of the Hennepin County Library with a visible look of Sectio Aurea, a lenticular mural printed on PolyVision Flexible 4 CeramicSteel panels through their all glass windows
Hennepin Library

02/01/2019 5:13 PM by admin

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A wide view of the interior wall panels that make up the And a New World mural at the Bendemeer Station in Singapore.
Land Transport Authority

28/12/2018 5:23 PM by admin

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