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There’s something symbolic about the blank slate a whiteboard represents, but some places and spaces require a more integrated and custom approach. That’s why we’ve added options for a subtle burst of color with our CeramicSteel Sans™ frameless whiteboards and Serif™ decorative whiteboards. With lacquered accented edge colors, your whiteboard surface is still a clean canvas for collaboration – but with an extra touch that ties the surface to the rest of the room. The addition of color adds just enough interest to be unique and engaging without overpowering a space.

Distinctive yet understated, accented edge colors are a great way to feature fresh colors that coordinate well with other Steelcase furniture and finishes in a designed space. The color also creates definition from the wall surface, framing your frameless Sans™ or Serif™ board in a modern way. When first tasked with developing a portfolio of accented edge colors, designer Kate Cathey said “edge colors were primarily selected to coordinate with Steelcase paint finishes. Designers don’t always envision a digitally printed whiteboard, so we wanted a way to link to the Steelcase palette without touching the surface itself. Accented edge colors were a great way to accomplish the continuity we were looking for.”

This vision soon broadened, taking on more than a standard color palette. Colors like papaya, mango and fig were added to bring interest and contrast to the suite of options. Designers can choose from more than 20 standard accented edge colors to create a bespoke appearance for their Sans™ and Serif™ writing boards. The standard options for accented edge colors were selected specifically for the purpose of coordinating rather than matching and offer a diverse and well-balanced variety.

We have also curated a selection of standard surface patterns designed to complement the accented edge colors. When paired with accented edge colors, Kate states “the writing surface is taken beyond functionality into the realm of creative inspiration and visual stimulation.” Inspired by the trend of biophilia in the workplace, the digitally printed designs aid in humanizing the working environment, while not interfering with your workspace.

Learn more about accented edge colors and patterns for our collaborative writing surfaces.

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