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As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, Polyvision is looking forward to a new season with exciting new features and expansions. Tuning in to the wants and needs of the market, we are continually seeking out trends and research on space and the specific environments like healthcare and education in which we work. Read on to discover four key office design trends we’ve been seeing in the industry and what we’ve been up to lately in response to them.

1. Customer Customization

Starting a business today is as simple as creating a new Instagram account. Well, maybe not that easy, but you get the idea. Whether competitors are solely digital or located on the other side of the globe, markets are becoming more saturated than ever. To stand out and cut through the millions of ads and messages consumers receive on a daily basis, organizations are placing strong brand identity as a top priority. This identity communicates the values, energy and purpose of a company and can be conveyed through colors, materials, design aesthetic and more.

To help brands create spaces that are unique to them and speak clearly to employees and customers, products like Sans™ boards offer a range of customization options. Add an accent color to the edge of your writing surface for unexpected depth. Each color is applied to precision cut edges with a durable lacquer and matches Steelcase finishes for seamless integration into any project. Another feature to make your collaborative tools distinct is to apply a graphic or pattern. Standard patterns, custom artwork, company logos and images can be printed on any Sans size. Polyvision’s state-of-the-art printing technology means colors and images will not fade over time, providing long-lasting inspiration and overall design appeal.

2. Increased Collaboration

To compete in a global market, the importance of collaboration has never been greater. More and more, work is happening in teams and meetings dominate the workday. With the significant stress placed on the importance of collaboration and creativity in the workforce, schools are also increasingly integrating teamwork and communication skills into curriculum. Barriers of collaboration — lack of power, dedicated team spaces and tools to display and generate ideas — are being erased with new products and mindsets regarding space design.

Teams and students need space to think broadly, and tools like  Flow™ give them a seemingly endless expanse to solve problems and discover new ideas. A full-height writing system, Flow covers vertical space from floor to ceiling in modular components — meaning there is no limit to the amount of space to generate and share ideas.  Motif™ also provides a way to transform walls into high-performance areas. Three sizes of boards can be configured in countless ways, making it easy to collaborate in a variety of locations.

3. Agile Spaces

Agile is a workstyle that originates from software development. It requires cross-functional teams, involving end users up front and quick, iterative collaboration. The method became a major buzzword throughout the past year, with many teams adopting Agile frameworks like SCRUM. But practicing Agile in traditional workspaces is tough. Teams need the permission and tools to design and change their environment on demand and information needs to be communicated quickly.

Creating agile spaces that suit teams and their needs today is easier when furniture and tools are flexible. Coming soon from Polyvision is a dynamic addition to any team space! This product is designed for the on-the-go collaboration required of Agile work. Users can move work during meetings and between spaces as demands change.

4. Modern Aesthetic

Today’s workplaces have received a major facelift compared to the monotone color palettes, stuffy furniture and closed-door rooms associated with offices and universities of the past. With this renewed sense of style, the materials, design details and color options in workplaces and higher learning environments have shifted to be more inspirational, home-like and modern. Depending on the attitude each company wants to represent, these styles range from high-end sophistication to bright, energizing and fun.

The emphasis on design and style has influenced Polyvision’s products. Known for its durability, Polyvision CeramicSteel is resistant to scratches, graffiti, bacteria, chemicals and fire — but, it’s also beautiful. Alpine White is our brightest white yet and fits the modern design aesthetic in high demand today. The custom-printing capability available on Polyvision boards is another way to achieve a modern design that perfectly matches the mood, atmosphere and environment of an individual organization.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the influences we are witnessing today and how Polyvision is using research and insights to develop innovative products that help people create custom, agile, collaborative spaces with a modern twist.

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